The Sexual Predator TOTO Infiltrated Hall of Shame!

.!.Horeograph.!. with ElMariachi bailarin:

The Sexual Predator TOTO Infiltrated Hall of Shame!

This morning .!.Horeograph.!. received information from DANCE (The national security service of Bulgaria)

that the notorious forum Hall of  Shame is infiltrated by the dangerous creep TOTO known as sadistic personality disorder patient.

„As you know this forum is very popular with more than 5 members  so its hard for us to find out which one
is he! All we know is that he uses Hall of Shame as a hunting field. You must be advised, TOTO won’t stop at nothing
to satisfy his fantasies and sexual urges, to experience pleasure from the infliction of pain, suffering and/or humiliation upon another human being. The pain and suffering of the victim, which may be both physical and psychological, is pivotal to his sexual arousal. He suffers from all  types of sexual sadism: Lust-murder; Cannibalism; Mutilation of corpses or necrophilia; Injury to females;  Sadism with other objects, for example, whipping of boys.  So, I appeal to all of you, Hall of  Shame members, be cautious, you do not find TOTO, he finds you!“ said our source at the agency.

Here is a picture of the sadistic predator, if you have any information regarding this case, please  call 112 immediately!

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